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SINKING (2022)


Drama / Short Film   |   11mins

SEMI-FINALIST - Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival  - 2022.png

Kodokushi, also known as "lonely death", is a growing phenomenon in which people suffer extreme loneliness and are found dead without being discovered for long periods of time. It underscores the growth of social distancing (especially with the impact of COVID), which draws attention to not only physical death but also social death. For those who have been neglected and forgotten by society, are their ends pronounced by their physical deaths, or by the social treatment of non-existence?

Sinking is a story about the inner world of a man that's experiencing Kodokushi. Yamasaki, a nobody disconnect and forgotten by society, Isolating himself inside out, not willing to accept any helps, Sinks deeper into the void as the reality blur with his imagination and eventually is devoured by the madness he built himself. Was it worth it to live a life being forgotten or to end it in a in a sparkling moment in the once imagination?


Hiro Takashima, Moe Bertran, Laura Calle, Amy Shih, Eriq Ortiz, Jack Ho

Executive Producer




Production Designer

Mixer & Sound 

Dylan Huang

Chris Huang

Dylan Huang

Alan Chan

Mengting Hong

Dylan Huang

Zanin Lindsay


Rachel Aileen Abraham

LiShu (Layson) Lin

Assistant Director



Colorist & Editor

Antonio Oliveros

Jenna Sheft

Chris Violette

Alessandro Imperiale

Dylan Huang

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