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LOSS (2021)

Crime/ Drama / Short Film   |   11mins


The son of a county sheriff accidentally kills his girlfriend. Frank, as a father, how would he choose between justice and crime? In the face of Frank’s special identity, will the son choose to turn himself in or live a secret life?

Frank is a small county sheriff. He recently solves a big case. His son, Leo, plays games with his girlfriend, Tracy, at night. Because of a dispute with Tracy about Leo's comments on the game, Leo locks her outside the room. Later, Leo finds that Tracy died outside on the ground. Leo is panicked and at a loss about Tracy’s manslaughter. Frank comes home to know the whole thing. After some ideological struggle, Frank deals with the corpse overnight. A few days later, although Frank can hide the case by utilizing his identity as a sheriff, the presence of Tracy’s mother, Martha, makes Leo show his flaws. When Frank wants to kill Martha again, Leo finds that the father is not the image of justice in his heart. What they do is contrary to their responsibilities. Leo stops Frank and expresses his desire to turn himself in.

Sam Wade, Mark Hayes, Charley Kidd, Lauren Maxwell, Megan Bones

Executive Producer




Production Designer


Alan Chan 

Mengting Hong

Chris Barcia
Antonio Oliveros

Miquel Enrigue

Peta Mckenna

Dylan Huang

Assistant Director

1st AC

Script Supervisor

Steadicam Operator

Key Grip / Driver


Lorena Dairen

Eriq Ortiz

Shucong Huang

Brandon Han

Bharat Gurwani

Rita Mae Sylvester

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