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In recent months, Eriq Ortiz has had the opportunity to work as a graphic operator for a cable news station in uptown Manhattan. He is responsible for capturing b-roll for live events and creating two to five minutes reels to visually represent the experience. After earning a degree in marketing, he went back to BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) to follow his lifelong passion for filmmaking. He primarily freelances as a director and videographer for TEDx Fulton Street. His film production experiences include the feature film, Impossible Monsters (2019) and award-winning shorts "The Vow" (2020) and "The Blue Cave" (2020). He won a spot on the BMCC Time Warner Screenwriting Fellows group and graduated from The City College of New York with a BFA in Film. 

Eriq’s passion for being behind a camera is driven by his love of telling stories and exploring emotion through visual language. He will inform, challenge, and entertain a global audience. He hopes to direct the comic book adaptation of Cyborg of Warner Brothers’ DCEU.

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