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Bohan Zhang, a film producer, holds a BFA from the Beijing Film Academy and an MFA in Creative Producing from Columbia University. With years of experience producing narrative short films and commercials, Bohan has worked with many Chinese and American production companies. As a recipient of the prestigious Sloan Foundation Film Production Grant and a lifetime member of the Museum of the Moving Image in the U.S. Bohan's expertise lies in producing Drama, Genre films.

Bohan often brings a unique producer's perspective to the table, exploring and developing stories with distinct values, and creating films that strike a balance between commercial appeal and artistic merit. With a global perspective, Bohan is dedicated to exploring stories that bridge Chinese and American cultures while offering fresh narrative values for businesses and products in the current global landscape.

 I have been involved in the development of various films and TV series. As a Creative Producer developing "Rainy Likely Today" (feature), "The Siege of Chongshan" (horror-war), and "Tomorrow Ten" (SCI-FI). Selected for China HiShorts! Film Festival. Also working on "蛇头" (The Snake Head), a Chinese mafia story in 20th-century New York.

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